Dr. Melinda Hergert - Veterinarian


Dr. Melinda Hergert grew up in Nassau Bay, Texas.

Dr. Hergert attended Texas A&M University, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and Master of Veterinary Public Health. She is a formally trained public health veterinarian and epidemiologist. Having broadened her horizons through either living in or traveling to, a total of eight different African countries, she earned her Master of Philosophy in Wildlife and Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. While the majority of Dr. Hergert's professional life has been spent in emergency and small animal medicine, she has also worked with zoo animals, elephants, and other wildlife while overseas.

Dr. Hergert and her husband, Iain, have a Jack Russell named Nike, a Fox Terrier mix called Blossom, and a cat, Nandi. She enjoys any activities related to animals and learning, being outdoors, gardening, and traveling. Dr. Hergert's favorite part of working at Zoot Pet Hospital and Luxury Boarding is the staff's commitment to patient and customer care.