Introducing Enrichment Training Sessions

Our dogs are born with natural instincts that are restricted by our modern lives. Just like us, dogs continue to learn throughout their lives and can become bored with the same routine, which can lead to destructive behaviors.

We are now offering enrichment sessions to give your dog a chance to refresh and hone these instincts. In these sessions, they will learn to search out objects/treats using their noses, herd large balls, balance on various surfaces, and play a variety of mentally stimulating games.

Enrichment sessions will now be available as an add-on service to daycare and boarding, and will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contact us for more information.

Examples of activities:

  • Ball Herding: Utilizes natural herding instincts. Dogs will learn to move large balls up and down hallways or across our play meadows.
  • Ball Pitt: Utilizes scent tracking. Dogs will have to use their noses to find treats or toys hidden in a pool of balls. Great for hounds and Labradors.
  • Balance Sessions: Utilizes strength. Dogs will have to balance on different unstable objects to help strengthen joints.
  • Bubbles: Utilizes sight. Dogs will chase down peanut butter-flavored bubbles, learning to focus and reducing anxiety. Great for sight hounds.
  • Weave Cones and Polls: Walking with purpose. Dogs will advance their leash walking and heeling.
  • Hurdles: Constructive jumping. Dogs will jump small heights.