COVID-19: What to Expect at Zoot

Updated July 12, 2021

Our lobby is open! Please make sure you are following the signage information in the parking lot upon your arrival. It is important to read the signs for the most current information regarding our check in procedures. Please note that different services have different check in/check out procedures. Your attention to these small details will make the process faster and smoother for everyone. Thank you!

We continue to follow the current CDC recommendations. If you have received the recommended vaccines and are comfortable not wearing a mask, we will not require you to wear one. We continue to practice safe social distancing. We continue to keep the safety of our patients, clients, and staff at the forefront of our practice. We appreciate your continued support, patience, and flexibility.

Zoot is open for curbside for anyone who prefers it. We also offer in-room appointments, with one person able to enter the building with their pet(s). If you do choose to enter the building to accompany your pet to their appointment, please be aware that you will be required to follow social distancing guidelines. We have clearly marked social distancing guidelines in the facility. If you're joining us in the lobby, we ask you to be thoughtful of others around you.

We ask for everyone's continued patience and understanding as we try our best to accommodate the needs of our patients as well as protect the safety of all the people involved.

What you can expect when visiting the facility:

Clinic Patients/Surgery Patients

Appointments will be offered "in room" for clients that are comfortable with it and wish to accompany their pets into the facility. WE ARE LIMITED TO ONE PERSON PER PET FAMILY. Please check in at the front desk upon arrival. If you prefer curbside service, please call 512-864-9668 and select option 1 to check in. Once in the room, the technician will gather all appropriate information and then take the patient to the treatment area for the exam. Once the exam has taken place, the doctor will meet you in the exam room to discuss their findings with you. Upon the completion of the exam, the technician will escort you to check out.

Surgical Discharges

Please check in at the front desk. The doctor and technician will go over discharge instructions with you. Upon completion of discharge, the technician will escort you to check out.


For boarding pick up and drop off, please check in at the front desk upon arrival.


Daycare dogs will continue to be curbside pick up and drop off. Please text 512-931-3703 to let the suite staff know to meet you. Please follow the signage in the parking lot.


For grooming pick up and drop off, please check in at the front desk upon arrival.