Senior Pet Awareness

Is your dog over 40? The rule of thumb for "dog years" has always been 7 years per human year but varies on the dog's breed and weight. Cats on the other had typically fall into the senior category starting at 9 years of age. Zoot Pet Hospital utilizes state-of-the-art digital radiology and its in-house laboratory to allow for quick diagnosis and treatment of all our patients.

Why should you have your senior pet examined?

  • Early detection of diseases such as kidney failure, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Arthritis evaluation and determining medications to make your pet more comfortable.
  • Recommendations for better quality of life
  • Extending the life of your pet

Senior pet profile

  • Comprehensive blood work
  • Chest radiographs
  • ECG
  • Urinalysis
  • Early renal destruction test (ERD)

Remember, dogs and cats don't ask for much. Just more time spent withtheir best friend! If you have questions about senior pet care, please contact us.