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Happy Tuesday! From, Bumper

August 22, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here's an update from Bumper!

Good afternoon all! I just want to check in and let everyone know how things are going. I know I said I would update this morning, but things got a little behind in the hospital this morning. I got to watch as the Zoot Pet Hospital and Luxury Boarding staff delivered 5 sweet new puppies. I appreciate your patience!

I am getting along quite well and am continuing to rest and recover. Due to a small setback, I have had to take some time off of physical therapy for the past week.

It seems that I might have been enjoying my time out and about a little too much. Or perhaps been a tad bit overly enthusiastic about my physical therapy. Whatever the case may be, it would appear that the extra activity was causing some issues with the rib fracture which in turn was creating some lung challenges. At this point, it would appear that the past week of rest and relaxation has hopefully done the trick. My lungs are sounding more clear, and as you can see in the video, I am certainly feeling chipper. I am planning to take it easy for the next week in hopes that I can continue to heal and possibly avoid another procedure.

I will continue to keep you updated when there is anything to report. Remember, no news is good news! I certainly appreciate everyone's continued support!