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(Hopeful) Final Update from Bumper!

September 27, 2017

Bumper would like to share what he hopes is his final post from the clinic with you...

Good morning all!

I am doing well and hope you are too! I'm checking in for what I hope is the last time from the clinic. Although I have enjoyed my time here at Zoot, and have become quite comfortable, it's time for me to make a fresh, new start.

I am continuing to heal and my prognosis is good. Physically, I am continuing to make progress. Although arthritis may be an issue a long way down the road, I am moving quite well these days.

Dr. Dupuy, one of the many kind folks at Zoot, is currently my foster mom. She has been working diligently to help me work on my social manners and training. I sometimes like to have everyone's undivided attention and Dr. Dupuy is helping be understand that I need to share my humans. It's a difficult concept to grasp when everyone has showered me with attention for so long.

As long as I continue to make improvements both physically and socially, Dr. Dupuy is planning to be my new forever home. I am excited about that! I am looking forward to a new life; happy and healthy.

I thank everyone for all of your kind wishes and heartfelt love over the past several months. None of this would have been possible without your support; financial and emotional. I am grateful for all the love you have shown me.