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Friday Afternoon Update from Bumper

July 28, 2017
Bumper pictured in kennel with stuffed animal

THANK YOU for all the generous donations that have continued to roll in today. The staff at Zoot Pet Hospital and Luxury Boarding and I are very happy with the response we've received to continue my road to recovery.

Any donations received above the cost of my care will go directly to the St. Francis Fund at Zoot to cover pets in situations similar to mine.

As planned, I have spent the day resting and preparing for my surgery tomorrow. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be spending my weekend in ICU so that I can be closely monitored post surgery. Although we are expecting things to go smoothly, one never knows, so I hope you'll all keep me in your thoughts over the weekend.

I am planning to be back to Zoot Pet Hospital and Luxury Boarding first thing on Monday morning and return to the surroundings that are quickly becoming familiar.

Again, thanks everyone! I hope to see you soon!

Love, Bumper

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